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Coal Parts and Accessories

Foldaway Log Tidy

With side pocket and a canvas under shelf




Ashcan carrier



18" long black tongs 

18" long black poker 

Matt black cast iron tongs

Black bannister brush 

Cage 3 fold fire screen 

Classic 3 fold fire screen

Four Bladed Fan

Needs no batteries works off the heat from the stove which in turn helps throw rising heat into the room.




Two Bladed Fan

Stove fan needs no batteries works off the heat from the stove which in turn helps throw rising heat into the room 



Gas lighter refillable 

Chimney balloon 

Helps prevent draughts when open fire is not in use 


Multi metal polish 

For brass/chrome/copper/nickel and pewter 150g £3.99

black grate polish 75ml £3.99

stove rope bond £5.99

high temp matt black 120ml £7.50



Salisbury small black bucket




Stove door seal 

6mm and 9mm and 12mm consists of 3metres of rope and rope bond




Warwick coal bucket 

Black/brass and also available in black/pewter




Stove Thermometer 

This thermometer useage is a great way to find the best burn for your stove.It will save u using too much fuel and also saves ur stoves from burning too hot which in turn will protect it from damage £9.99



Ultra High Temperature Spray Paint

Matt black paint. For stoves, grates and bbq's.

450ml - £9.99

250ml - £7.50



18" Turn Handle Companion set Black Handles

Brush, Shovel, Poker, Tongs.




18" Turn Handle Companion set Brass Handles

Brush, shovel, poker, tongs




Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Complete with battery


this can be used for gas and solid fuel appliances..it is also compulsary when an appliance has been fitted after october 2011


Wooden Handle Shovel



All Metal Black Shovel 

In sizes 5inch and 6inch




Paper Brick Maker




Black Dome Guard






Dynasty 4 Fold Guard




Complete Fireside Starter set

Comprises of fireguard, companion set and bucket




Cradle Log Basket




Edgecott Log Basket




Black Metal Log Station

Includes companion set (brush may vary)




9" Mini Coal Hod




22" Black/Brass or all black coal hood




Waterloo Coal Bucket

Waterloo 16" Black Metal Coal Bucket


Small Waterloo Black Metal Coal Bucket








XL Fire Cement 1kg




Set of Coalsavers

A pair of side bricks and a back brick 8" or 10" £10.00

individual 10" back brick £6.00, 8" back brick £5.00

pair of side bricks £6.00



One Sachet of Sorcerer

Flue and chimney cleaner

£1.50 each



Stool grate

18" with 4 legs


16" with 4 legs




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Chimney Sweep Service

NACS Recommended chinmey sweep and HETAS Installer of Multifuel and Woodburning stoves

 Work certified.

Liam Duddle -Soot Destroyer Ltd

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